COSTUMES- Pie, the Robe

‘Pi’ and ‘Pie’ are informal robes worn by officials and characters of wealth and influence. They are usually worn in domestic scenes. Relatively simple designs of flowers and auspicious symbols (e.g. cranes) characterise the ‘pi’ and ‘pie’, as both are essentially casual outfits.

The costume depicted above is worn high-ranking officials and their wives in domestic scenes. The ‘ancient bronze’ colour symbolises the wisdom and gravity of these characters. Cranes, an age-old symbol of longevity, are also embroidered on this robe.

The ‘Pie’ is distinguished by the diagonal opening of the garment across the chest which is gathered and tied to the side.

Young, wealthy scholars wear the costume depicted above. The soft colour and flowery embroidery symbolise his youthful elegance.

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