Hi there! We are a group of students from Singapore Management University (SMU). As part of our Leadership and Team Building (LTB) Module, we are required to plan and conduct a Community Service Project to serve a particular need of the community.

Understanding the need to ensure the continuation of undervalued art forms, our group (iOpera) plans to expose more young people to Chinese Opera. iOpera hopes to reach out to the younger generation by making our activities fun and interactive; and making our resources available on the internet.

iOpera has since conducted a three-day pilot workshop with Lakeside Family Centre. Through fun activities such as Chinese Opera-related games and Chinese Opera mask painting, twenty primary school students were given a glimpse of the magical world of Chinese Opera; raising their awareness of an integral part of our culture. We hope that the success of this pilot program, coupled with the positive feedback from the children and staff of Lakeside Family Centre, will encourage more organisations and schools to implement this workshop.

This website serves as iOpera’s medium for reaching the young who utilise the Internet on a frequent basis. Through our website, we hope to create a lasting resource that will allow both teens and young children to learn more about the intricacies of Chinese Opera.

We hope you have as much fun as we did learning about Chinese Opera!

The iOpera Team.


(Navigate the site using the menu above!)

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    yayyyyee I like this website

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